Ocean Resource (China) Ltd is not just any trading company. With our expertise we can provide the best connections between the customers and factories. It is because we know your requirements and the inner workings of different factories that we can help establish the most optimal and fulfilling collaborations.

Since beginning in 2005, every one of our members is vastly experienced in the field of memory products and we are able to provide the most satisfactory business to our clients.

Other than memory products, we also have digital products related to mobile device accessory. Requests by our customers looking for unique and functional products can also be developed by our engineer team. After more than 10 years of accumulated experience, we joined some factories as business partners and some we own some shares in. Many of which are top in their respective industries, such as the successful Cable Factory located in LongGang Shenzhen. Additionally, we also invest in many projects on different products which we will launch in the near future.

Our mission is to provide the bridge to connect customer to factory. We will dedicate our knowledge, information, experience and sincere service. We believe that everyone will be happy to work with us for success.