A simple device that can help detect body temperature. With the current COVID 19 (coronavirus) pandemic happening in the world, this is a helpful tool to determine body temperature. Easy to use, with very simple instructions to follow, accuracy and instant readings allows you to check your temperature immediately.

What is it?

An advanced gun-like device that aims toward the human forehead to capture the temperature of the human. One click button triggers the thermometer reading then the temperature in Celcius or Farenheit will display at the back. You can set a fixed temperature to act as an alarm. Very long lasting and durable device that can be used up to 100,000 times readings.

Recommended to keep in a dry and safe place, out of reach for children. Do not place the thermometer in extreme environment conditions above 50℃ or -20℃ and humidity above 95%.


  • Multiple colors on the display screen. There are 3 color backlight modes like traffic lights in Green, Amber, Red to help identify the safety levels red(dangerous) or green (safe).
  • Multi-use main purpose is to detect human body temperature but it can also help measure baby’s milk bottle temperature or solid foods, etc.
  • Accuracy of the device is spot on. With a more accurate reading  ±0.2 between 35℃  ~ 42℃


The power the device you will need AAA batteries which can be bought from any convenience store to corner store area you live in. Follow the directions of the battery + – and insert.  (We suggest you take out the batteries if you don’t use it for a long time.)

This device has passed multiple certification such as the FDA, CE and FCC certificates. Which displays trust and value the product has been tested for. However keep the device away from children to avoid unnecessary damages such as pointing to the eye.

Why choose this product?

A very simple electronic device that allows you to detect the thermal temperature of a human or object. It is used closely at the object but does not have to touch the object which gives it flexibility and multipurpose. To get a temperature read on the person can help detect if they have a fever or medical emergency that can then be treated hastily. Modern technology combined with human assistance can help reduce time and allow us to be more efficient to identify the problem and find the solution.

Company and background

Factory located in China Jiangxi province, joined with Longnan RenZhong Medical Equipment co. Ltd develop this product. And get the China Government approved for production.

Who to recommend

 Anyone who like to monitor and protect their family. Restaurant, Bank, School or any place with crowd people to control suspected carrier.


Infrared Thermometer

Model: YK001


Non Contact Infrared Thermometer – Easy use Design ( just one-click ) , Two Modes

Suitable for all age : Adult, Child & Infant

What’s inside the Box:

Infrared Thermometer x1

User Manual x1

Qualified Certificate x 1

*** AAA batteries NOT included ***


  • Power Supply: DC3V ( 2 x “AAA” batteries )
  • Body Temperature Range: 34°C~42°C
  • Measurement Accuracy:

34°C ~ 34.9°C : ±0.3°C

35°C ~ 42°C : ±0.2°C

1°C ~ 42.9°C : ±0.3°C

  • LCD Display with 3 colors Backlight:

Green : 34°C ~ 37.3°C

Amber : 37.4°C ~ 38°C

Red : 38.1°C (default) ~ 42.9°C

  • Measuring Distance: 1cm ~ 3cm
  • Fast Measuring Reaction: ≤ 2 sec
  • Auto Power-off: ≤ 15 sec
  • Memory Data: 100 sets
  • Transport Storage Temperature: -20°C ~ 55°C
  • Relative Humidity: ≤ 95%

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Q & A

Is there warranty for this product?

  • 1 year free warranty, life long maintenance

(Battery and packaging not part of warranty)


What is the overall temperature offset setting function in the product used for?

The overall temperature offset setting function in the product is used to calibrate the temperature, and if you use the product for screening people in public places (such as schools, airports, customs, etc.),  you can use it without using the function, the product has been adjusted at the time of production, just press the measuring key to use it;

Is the product harmful to the human body and radiation to the human body?

A: the principle of the product is to collect the radiation infrared ray of the human body to calculate the body’s temperature, the product is not directly in contact with the human body, will not bring cross-infection of different human body, the non-contact thermometer produced by the company is no radiation to the human body, so no harm to the human body, we hope that the majority of consumers can rest assured to use.

Why is the infrared body thermometer better than a traditional thermometer?

The infrared body thermometer is contact less, prevents the person from touching the thermometer and can be used again. Upon using it, users can have accurate reading instantly. Can be more efficient in certain situations i.e. at home, school, local communities where there are many people who need to be tested.

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