What Is Apple PPID And How To Apply It?

///What Is Apple PPID And How To Apply It?

What Is Apple PPID And How To Apply It?


What is PPID?

Product Plan ID (PPID) certification given by Apple to Hardware manufacturers and software/app developers which allows communication protocol used to interact with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. PPID holder can use MFI logo for hardware connectors and components that are required to manufacture iPod, iPhone, iPad, and AirPlay audio accessories.


How to apply a PPID?

In the hardware field, especially lightning cable, there are some strict rules against product quality and package. I will try to explain step by step that how to apply it.

  1. At least you must have MFi development license for designing a lightning cable.
  2. If you are not an MFi manufacturer, then you must find one apply for you. After all application procedure was done, mass production should in this manufacturer.
  3. Prepare product data, such as product name, model, description, brand mark authorization, and package PDF. Fill up an Application Form and submit to WamaxLink, Apple charge 550$ for each item.
  4. We submit all the application information on apple management system, waiting for Apple company review and approve.
  5. Once Apple accepts this application, then the manufacturer should prepare the samples.
  6. After the samples are finished, the factory will choose a UL lab for product testing, upload product data on the internet.
  7. Send the samples to the UL lab, after 5 working days, the result will come out.
  8. After passing the test, submit the package PDF to apply OR send the package sample to Apple head office to confirm the package.
  9. So far, the whole process has completed, the rest is arranging mass production.


The whole process around 30 days (Not include mass production).

Your products information can’t find out on Apply system until next quarter.

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