USB-C to Lightning is Ready For Samples

///USB-C to Lightning is Ready For Samples

After months waiting, finally we have update news about the new connectors C94 C89 from Apple company.

According to our engineer said, the price of C94 and C89 are available on the Avnet purchasing system, although only for the samples, better than nothing.

Purchasing sample of C94 C89 from Avnet system

C94 is instead of C48, some said is an encryption upgrade of the IC, harder to crack. Hoping is true, that will be the good day for MFi manufacturer like us.

And C89 is for Type-C to Lightning Cable, this is the real MFi connector.

You can see the price of the sample connectors is $2.88, what a high price! But, we already place an order for 100pc for each, now we ready to make SAMPLES OF TYPE-C TO LIGHTNING CABLE! I feel happy about it.

If you are interested in USB-C to Lightning Cable, what some sample for testing or anything, contact: [email protected] OR Wechat/Mobile: +86 135 1001 3366

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