USB-C to Lightning Cable Information at The Apple MFi Conference

///USB-C to Lightning Cable Information at The Apple MFi Conference

USB-C to Lightning Cable Information at The Apple MFi Conference


A few days ago, on September 3rd, 2018, Apple Manufacturer Conference was held up in Shenzhen China. As an MFi Manufacturer, WamaxLink has also been invited. Our general manager Mr. Deng has attended the conference in the afternoon. He came back with following new:


  1. MFi Lightning Cable Connector upgrade to C89B

There is a new connector opening and named C89B, replace the C48B soon. According to Apple official E-mail, the schedule will be:

Email From the Apple Official

C89B can’t support PD fast charging and compare with C48B, it was upgraded to 32-bit dynamic code, even not the “Great” Huaqiangbei Shenzhen can’t crack it. It looks Apple company has given up using the sword of laws but turn to a technical way to protect himself.

But there is no price opening on AVNET website up to now.


  1. USB-C to Lightning Cable About to Opening

In the meeting, “When the MFi USB-C to Lightning Cable will be opened?” it’s the most concerned issue, according to Apple official speaking, it’s coming soon

REPEAT: MFi USB-C to Lightning is coming soon

But we still not receive from official about “opening” E-mail, it means still not open for MFi Manufacturer. I don’t know where those bloggers get the “opening E-mail” news. And here is a detail in that E-mail, besides C89, there is a C94 connector appear on it. Reportedly this connector for Type-C to Lighting cable, supported PD fast charging. They said there is something to prepare, I guess it will be coming really soon, let’s looking forward to it.


If you also are an MFi company, you got to be made your production schedule and inform your supplier in advance.

And we are also welcome you asking us about PPID or anything about Lightning cable.

Come up with questions? Why not ask us now!

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