24 Steps, How an Apple MFi Cable Be Manufactured

///24 Steps, How an Apple MFi Cable Be Manufactured

Have you counted on how many lightning cables you used in one year? If the answer is one, then I guess you were using original lightning cable or MFi lightning cable. Otherwise, have you thought about why they are so easy to be broken or can’t work anymore?

When you stand in front of the showcase, looking at all kinds of brand, have you thought about “Which one is good? How long I could use it this time?”

When you are looking at the price of Apple original lightning cable, have your mind pop out this word “God! So expansive! What it made from, gold?”

Well, this time I going to show you Why it is important to use an original or MFi lightning cable.

First the first, if you don’t know what is MFi, please follow and visit this post ” What is “Apple MFi” Stands For?

Now you know what is MFi, Let’s throw those virtual things away, get back to the cable itself, what is the difference between them?

  1. Of cause the first thing will be the C48B connector, I think you know how important it is for your Apple device, let’s cut this off. But things you don’t know is it cost about 2$ for every single piece. Is your cable in this price range? Throw it to the trash.
  2. See the difference between these two connectors, guess which one is Apple approved cable? Right, the right one, because it looks fancy, LOL. Every data cable has four wires, one for power, two for data transfer, one is GND. It means there will be 4 welding spots on each side connector. To protect them from loosing, we will put some UV glue on the welding spots. It can’t be solid under room temperature, must put it on UV laser machine to solid.
  3. If you think No.2 is good enough, there is more. Every connector should cover an iron shielding case, it looks like below, to protect the IC on the connector, you don’t want this part broke down to ruin the whole cable. Not just put it there, must use the laser machine to weld it up.
  4. According to Apple demand, cable wire must have two layers of shielding. The first layer is tinned wires braid, at least 98-piece wires, cover 70%. The second layer is an Aluminum foil layer, cover all the core wires. The shielding layer is used for preventing data signal being affected OR effect another device when data transferring.


OK, now you know those points of MFi lightning cable, great! Let’s go through the whole cable processing line, see how many works must be done to make a lightning cable.


  1. Previous preparation. Including cut the wires into the same length, coil and settle them.
  2. Peel the outer cover. Peel the over to certain length for welding. Different cover has a different way.
  3. Separate core wire.
  4. Cut off needless foil. Convenient for cutting off inner over.
  5. Peel inner wire over.
  6. Tinned the tip of the wire. All these works are for welding preparation.
  7. Welding USB Type-A side.
  8. IPQC test the welding if done well. That false-welding will send back to step 7.
  9. C48B connector welding.
  10. Check out welding spot with human eyes.
  11. Electrical Testing. This time only test if connected, also the voltage if in the standard range, 4.75 to 5.25V
  12. C48B welding sort dispenses UV glue.
  13. UV laser machine dries them out. Couldn’t be long, 84 seconds will be best.
  14. Put iron shell case on.
  15. Laser machine welding.
  16. Inner molding. This step to enhance the protection of the welding spot.
  17. IPQC testing. Injection molding brings too many heats, might cause false-welding.
  18. Outer molding/Shell case glued. Molding for PVC or TPE shell, ABS shell or aluminum alloy shell using glue.
  19. Appearance observes. Check out any problem or any glue spots.
  20. IPQC last time test. And this time not only using a test machine check out voltage, also real iPhone test for both sides.
  21. Clear the cable.
  22. Packing preparation. Sometimes stick a label on it.
  23. Sale packing. Pe bag, color box, blister etc.
  24. Counting and packing in the carton.



Now you know how many works have been done on your MFi cable? You could tell yourself it’s definitely worth the price.

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